Date: 27th July 2009 at 11:34am
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Two more friendlies, a better picture of the squad for this season and Chris Robertson has done the decent thing.

Well, it looks like Burton stealing Pickles meant that Torquay were more setermined than ever to get Robertson’s name on the team sheet for this season- and they now have done. A one-year-deal done and dusted and now concentration can turn to the new season.

Other prospects for the season have come and gone this week. Defender Ben Hatch has been released by Paul Buckle following a two-wek trial. However ex-Sheffield United defender Ben Starosta has featured in the Derby game and has had his trial extended by a week.

On the subject of friendlies Torquay have played two more this week, Lee Mansell and Tim Sills have been out for both though, in preparation for the final week of practice. Derby played out a goalless draw at Plainmoor on Wednesday which saw Ben Starosta make his Torquay debut with an imresive performance. The game was decent and while Derby dominated for large periods of the game, as you would expect, Torquay gave what the got at times and did look to have been denied an obvious penalty which would have given a chance of a win.
Tiverton away on Saturday was a different game altogether, a 1-0 defeat with a scrappy late goal did little to please the fans. With 4 trainees playing and Hargreaves, Sills, Mansell and Starosta missing it was a weakended team and they didn’t have the best of it at Ladysmead. It was a disappointing end to a positive week but all eyes are now on the Brighton game.
It is now expected that Sills and Mansell will play and the team to be played on Tuesday night at Plainmoor will be as close to the first XI for the season as is possible. I’m hoping that as many gulls fans as possible will make the trip to check out the team and style ahead of league two.

The only other news to report this week is that, on the 11th October this year, Torquay have been selected for a game on Sky away at Sven’s Notts County. This has bagged £10k for Torquay and will hopefully keep the egos of our rock-and-roll footballers in place following the collapse of Setanta.

I think i’ve covered everything from the week. If not I’ll do it next week, please e-mail me if there is any news you think I’ve overlooked which is actually interesting.

Thank you Gulls fans.