Date: 7th February 2014 at 7:14pm
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With weather and pitch issues at the forefront of everybody’s minds, manager Chris Hargreaves has continued throughout today with preparation for the game nonetheless.

Speaking to the Official Site ahead of the game, Hargreaves said.

‘We are 100% preparing to play. If you take your foot off the gas or think the game might be off, it is very dangerous. It has been a momentum killer to have games called off but there is nothing else we can do.’

Hargreaves goes on to say that he could easily carry on moaning about how things have played out when it came to our recent games, but it would serve no purpose, it would take his attention away from where it should be and ultimately it wouldn’t even make him feel any better because it would keep it fresh.

The best thing, therefore, to do is just move on and that’s what he’s done.

As for the opposition, he goes on to say that Bury have definitely changed their philosophy from being determined to wanting to play the game, and he credits them for the changes that their manager David Flitcroft has introduced.

So for us it’ll be about imposing our style and what we are trying to do on them, and making things run for us whilst respecting what they are capable of.

Ultimately Hargreaves just wants to get his first game at Plainmoor under his belt, and if that can finish with a win then maybe it would’ve been worth the wait.