Date: 8th November 2013 at 2:55pm
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It’s all Alan Knill ahead of the Fa Cup first round game against Rochdale this weekend, this interview is about how much he enjoys the competition.

Speaking to the Official Site ahead of the match, the manager explained that by the nature of the FA Cup is lends itself to a different occasion to the league encounters and on a personal level he used to love playing in the FA Cup because there is really something special and memorable about it for smaller teams especially.

‘It’s great that you just might have the opportunity to play against Manchester United or Liverpool, and that’s the challenge for us. Can we beat Rochdale, and then can we continue to progress?’

Knill said his own experience of playing in the competition meant he always wanted his club to go further so he could test himself against better teams and better players and that’s the exact opportunity he wants the players to feel now, rise to the challenge and see how you can compete.

He also adds that it’s a different pressure and a different day because of the atmosphere and what can be potentially at stake. A league campaign is a marathon not a sprint, but in many ways a Cup campaign is a sprint as it’s always only ever about 90 minutes.

Speaking more about the game against Rochdale, and his initial thoughts on the draw day, Knill said his first hope was that we’d be at Plainmoor and then the hope was that we’d be drawn against a team we knew rather than an unknown quality and we certainly got that when drawn to host Keith Hill’s side.

So overall he was pleased as he knew how to prepare the boys for the game, especially as we played them only the other week.