Date: 8th November 2013 at 2:46pm
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Manager Alan Knill has said he has no shame and won’t make any excuses for admitting that one of the reasons Torquay United want to win the game against Rochdale this weekend in the FA Cup first round is because of the financial rewards that can come from a good Cup run during a season.

Winners of the first round in the FA Cup are rewarded with the princely sum of £18,000 I believe, so obviously the prize money, as well as the potential revenue in future rounds, can be huge to the clubs at our level and make all the difference over the course of a season.

There’s a mini battle cry in there somewhere for as many fans as possible to get to the game and help roar the players on.

Speaking to the Official Site ahead of the game, the gaffer explained.

‘It’s massive in a financial sense. It’s so important for the club and we also want to strengthen all the time. Firstly we use any money to pay bills or whatever needs to be done, but if we can progress further, there may be some left over to strengthen the squad.’

Knill says that obviously the further you go in the competition the greater the rewards, and one of the special things about the FA Cup is you know exactly what you are going to get roughly in terms of prize money for progression, whereas in other Cups to get to sums that make a real difference, you really need to progress through the latter rounds to make it count for the bank balance.