Date: 17th July 2014 at 10:49pm
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It’s being reported that Torquay United are looking to maximise revenue into the club by holding negotiations for a possible stadium sponsorship.

It’s reported by a number of outlets today that Plainmoor, our home of 114 years, is a topic for discussion with potential sponsorship partners, but those talks aren’t yet at a final stage and it’s said that at least one company is seriously interested in the opportunity of seeing our ground carry their brand.

With the board understanding how ground renaming often goes down with fans, it’s said that subject to any deal being done, it would see Plainmoor remain in the new title so it wasn’t a complete sell out or rebranding like some clubs have chosen to.

It seems an unnecessary evil in football now that souls can be traded for money, or at least altered, and financial difficulties exist for the club, especially following our relegation so it’s probably not a great surprise to see a move like this at least being up for discussion even though a final decision has yet to be taken.

For fans it would always be Plainmoor but is there a sum that would soften any potential blow?

Following the Yeovil game manager Chris Hargreaves was quoted as saying.

‘Our trialists have spent ten days with us now, and they’ve done their best tonight. I need to give them decisions as soon as possible. There is no bottomless pit of money. But we are talking about another £60-70,000, which gets you three or four good players in today’s market, which is incredible. We’re not talking about balancing the books tomorrow, but by the end of the season and the hope is that we would do that.’

With players remaining on the transfer list with no sign of moving on, as of yet, would this deal be the safety net plan B should money not come in quickly from sales?