Date: 16th June 2015 at 9:04pm
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With the new Dean Edwards consortium now in place, and news known about the management staff – here’s a brief round up of the other changes.

David Phillips has been appointed as our new chairman and he told the Official Site.

‘The consortium began to take shape a few months ago and the original bid was turned down by the previous Board. Kelvin Thomas then went looking for new investors, which didn`t work out and the time element for us since then has been very short. We have been working our socks off to get this process complete and I`m delighted to welcome our Board, which will include myself as chairman, Ron Peterson as vice chairman and Steve Breed as chief executive. Dean Edwards will now become director of football. The Board of Directors will also include Keira and Shaun Roberts, Carole Peterson, Harry and Jill Kerswell, Angela Richards and Mervyn and Val Balson. We are all Torquay United supporters and we have yellow and blue running through our veins.’

New vice chairman Ron Peterson explained.

‘The journey we have been on has been arduous and there have been many ups and downs. There have been a number of people who have come in and then fallen away, but this consortium is now made up of passionate Torquay United supporters. We would like to take the opportunity to ask the Torquay United supporters to come along now and back the club because without them, we`ve got no football club. As part of this process, there will be casualties along the way, that`s unavoidable. When we took control of the club, it was gasping for breath and we have now given the club an injection.’

New Director of Football Dean Edwards said that key to our future success was having the right organisation in place in the future.

‘Along the way, I`ve asked people to walk the walk and talk the talk. This consortium has done both and it`s been a long and arduous process. I would like to thank Mark Bowen from MB Insolvency, who has been instrumental in making this happen. We are on a positive note because we`ve got the club breathing again and, in the next 12 – 24 months, we will have a club to be proud of again.’

Our former striker went on to say that unfortunately in his 25 year association with Torquay he doesn’t believe we’ve been in as bad a state as this, so obviously – as many imagine – there is an awful lot of work to be done.

‘I`ve been associated with Torquay United for 25 years and I`ve never seen the club in as bad a state as it is right now. The consortium is basically a watered down version of the Trust because we are all fans, including myself. There will be management at this football club and whoever is in charge of their department will do the job to the best of their ability. If they don`t, they will be moved on. The structure has been wrong in the past and that is why we`ve failed.’

With the youth department figuring highly in press with the departure of Geoff Harrop, an additional statement from the club confirmed that this part of the club would close until finances were in a better place.

The statement reads.

‘It was with great sadness that Torquay United have been forced into closing down our youth department and the Academy structure. The painful and stark reality facing the new consortium that has taken over the football club was a financial decision between retaining a youth system and securing the future existence of Torquay United.’

The statement says the new consortium would like it placed on record that the situation wasn’t of their creation, but tough decisions need to be taken with an immediate view to the now and not the future and the Academy set up is, for now at least, one of the casualties at this moment in time.

‘We are extremely sorry for all the young boys who have been in the system and the dedication shown by these talented youngsters, and their families, has been outstanding at all times. There will be a meeting held at the Launa Windows Stadium on Wednesday, June 17 at 7pm, where our new Director of Football, Dean Edwards, will explain the decision. This will also be our opportunity to distribute the USB files for each Academy player.’

Moving forward until such time that a proper youth academy becomes an area we can afford to invest in, the statement said plans were already afoot with local groups and community work to see what we could do in that regard.

‘We are in no way abandoning the culture of trying to develop young players and the future plan involves working closely with local clubs to help nurture talent. We are already in discussion with Paul Devlin and his team of coaches in Football in the Community to see how we can play a role in expanding their operation to develop elite pathways for the best young players in our region. We will also seek to enhance the scouting network available to Torquay United, with the aim of identifying talented teenagers who we believe can make the step up to training with our first-team squad.’

The statement confirms that current players in the set up are now free agents, and ends by expressing the thanks we have for the coaching set up at those age groups.

‘Torquay United would like to thank all the coaching staff in the youth department for their tremendous commitment. Geoff Harrop, Robbie Herrera, Kevin Nancekivell, Craig Easton, Matt Scholes, Matt Williams and all the part-time coaches did a superb job and we are very grateful.’

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