Date: 13th March 2014 at 9:07pm
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Manager Chris Hargreaves couldn’t have been more proud or delighted following our victory over Rochdale on Tuesday because he knows that we have now given ourselves a glimmer of hope of avoiding relegation this season, but it can obviously only be the first win of more to come as we are still somewhat off the pace with those teams above us.

Speaking to the Official Site following the two one victory thanks to goals from Pearce and Labadie, and we certainly did go for them in the match having had a number of chances in the game and more than them, which was surprising given the relative league positions – Hargreaves beamed.

‘We could have been 4-1 up in the first half against a very good side. We had some good performances out there, Courtney Cameron was excellent on the wing and so was Shamir Goodwin on the other side. There was real vitality in the team and some really positive play, so well done to them.’

Hargreaves goes on to say that one of the first things he said in the dressing room was that we have now proven we can play like that so it has to become our standard, and more importantly having given ourselves a real shot now with the victory, nobody knows what might happen if we continue to perform at that level and show that kind of determination and desire.

The gaffer also admits that he knows Rochdale got close at points and did have chances themselves, but he felt comfortable in the game, but if there had to be a disappointment it was in the fact we should’ve been clear and it should’ve been game over in the first half with how we dominated but we held on and battled until the end and that’s all he can ask.

Hargreaves does go on to pick out certain players and namecheck them for their performances, but overall he knows it was a team showing, where every unit on the pitch did more than was asked of them and thankfully it came off.

What we have to do now is replicate that when we go to Cheltenham and hope the luck falls our way again, and we have every chance of that happening if we reach those standards and put in that kind of effort.

It cannot be a one off now, it has to be consistent though as having proven we can do this, everyone should have a boost of confidence and belief, but it will have counted for nothing if we are seriously below par at the next time of asking.